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Ihab (Islamic cleric and peace activist) and his Jewish wife Ora (mediator between people of different cultures) from Jaffa believe that there is no path to peace - peace is the path. Their story is truly inspiring - come and hear it.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community is based in Haifa. They are active members of a series of projects in the city such as a community centre that brings Christians, Jews, ultra orthodox Jews and Muslims together. 

MDA is Israel's national emergency, medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank service staffed by 10,000 volunteers. This is Lina Azbarga, a female Bedouin volunteer from the Negev, with her MDA medic father. 

Sana lives in Shibli, a Bedouin village in the Galilee. She will be delighted to answer your questions about life for a female Muslim Israeli who is both highly qualified but also close to her traditional roots in the rural north. 

The SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTRE exhibition 'People, Book, Land; The 3,500 Year Relationship of the Jewish People with the Holy Land' was authored by the late the late Professor Robert Wistrich of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Read More

Come and see 15 paintings by Jewish, Muslim and Christian artists from Afula who, through their love of art, have created an atmosphere of friendship and sharing, building lasting relationships that have transformed perceptions and built hope for the future. Read More

Yaron Bob from Sderot believes that talking is better than hatred and his aim is to show the world that people in Israel just want a bright and beautiful future for all. He does this by making original jewellery from some of the 18,000 rockets fired into Southern Israel. 

Lee is a Research Fellow at the Tami Steinmetz Centre for Peace Research in Tel Aviv University. He will introduce his new book "But Abu Ibrahim - we're family!" and discuss how the arts impact on creating a shared society. Lee Perlman Book Launch Flier
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Modern Israeli food is an exciting fusion of tastes and colours using a wonderful variety of vegetables, herbs and spices. Please join us for a cookery demonstration and learn more about Israeli cuisine.

Programme Times for Israeli cooking demonstration:
Tuesday 8th August @ 3.15pm
Wednesday 9th August @ 3.15pm
Thursday 10th August @ 11.15am